Seasonal Specials

Spaghetti Napolitan Set (¥1,400)  <A Japanese style spaghetti consisting of a sweet-tomato sauce base garnished with onions, green bell peppers and chorizo sausage.>.

Beef hash with rice Set (¥1,400)  < "A Japanese style beefhash with rice" is a dish featuring a sauce served atop white rice, the sauce of which is cooked by stir-frying thin pieces of beef and chopped onion with butter and stewing it with red wine and demi-glace sauce.>


Coffee ¥900
Americano ¥900
Demitasse ¥1,000
Today’s Coffee ¥900~
Cold Brewed Coffee ¥900~
Iced Coffee ¥900
Iced Café au lait ¥1,000
Café au lait ¥1,000
vienna Coffee ¥1,100
Darjeeling Tea ¥1,000
Flavored Tea ¥1,000
Royal Milk Tea* ¥1,100
Iced Tea ¥1,000
Iced Royal Milk Tea* ¥1,100
Espresso ¥900
Café Latte ¥1,000
Cappuccino ¥1,000
Cafe Chocolat ¥1,100
Cocoa ¥1,100
Iced Cocoa ¥1,100
Fresh Orange Juice ¥1,200
Cake Set ¥1,400
Buttered Toast Set ¥1,200
Ham & Cheese Toast Set ¥1,400
Curry Rice Set(limited number) ¥1,600
Coffee Beans (100g) ¥500~

*Royal Milk Tea : Saucepan steeped tea infused with milk, making for a deliciously smooth finish.